In The Field

Ben Andersen (2008)

Ben hails from Virginia and now lives in Los Angeles, where he spends more time at the table than most and has the photographic evidence to prove it.  A longtime passion for wine pulled him away from the pharmaceutical industry and we are all better off for it.  Ben covers the entire West Coast, as well as Nevada and Hawaii.

Clarke Boehling (2009)

Clarke made his first foray into the beverage profession with coffee and continues to be our resident caffeine consultant.  He made the move to wine in 2003 while still in his home state of Virginia, and now represents RWM in New York City and Pennsylvania.

Blake Johnson (1993)

Born and raised in the Big Sky Country of Montana, Blake traded open space for the confines of the city and has been a New Yorker and wine professional since 1980.  Blake’s palate has seen more wines than most, and his wealth of knowledge is unrivaled in his home territory of New York City.

Michael Kane (1995)

A tireless force in New England, Michael has been crisscrossing the Northeast for many years, with glass in hand and an astounding array of knowledge to bestow upon anyone who will listen.  Based in Rhode Island, Michael can be found at various times in Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and of course Rhode Island.

John Paine (2006)

John Paine (2006) – John does a yeoman’s work, flying around the heart of the country, from the southern to the northern border.  Now based in Austin,Texas, John travels as well to Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Missouri and Louisiana to share his enthusiasm, experience and the treasures of his well-stocked personal cellar.

Naomi Rosen (2002)

The lone native New Yorker on the sales team, Naomi is based in Brooklyn and can be found in restaurants and wine shops all around New York City.  She is an artist at heart which we speculate may account for her particularly astute and perceptive palate.

Neil Rosen (2001)

Neil hails from Northern California, where he first became acquainted with wine.  He brought his enthusiasm for the vine (and the San Francisco Giants) with him to New York and splits his time between the city, New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.  

Trey Stephenson (2007)

Trey, the third member of the cast who hails originally from the hinterlands of Virginia, covers the Southeast region of the country from his home in Miami Beach.  In addition to Florida, he frequents Alabama, the Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Ohio.

Executive Office

Neal Rosenthal (the beginning)

Enough said … read “Reflections of a Wine Merchant” for more detail!

Kerry Madigan (the beginning)

Every company needs a Kerry, otherwise they’re just swirling the drain … our resident schoolmistress, there to make everything right.

Thea Sweeney (2000)

Thea possesses the extreme patience required to work in the upstate office and does a heroic job keeping everyone in order.  She is also training for a future career in poodle management.

Jeremy Sells (2008)

The only Canadian on staff, Jeremy entered the wine industry in Boston in 2006 and now keeps all the wine safe from his perch in the warehouse office.  His most valuable skill is his ability to spot a corked bottle simply by looking at it.

Gihane Azer (2011)

Originally from Egypt, Gihane has an extensive background in wine import administration and we are thrilled to have as many polyglots on the roster as possible (English / French / Arabic).  She is also located in the warehouse office and enjoys watching wine age.

Sarah Hexter (2013)

Sarah comes to us from Cleveland, by way of Washington D.C.  Fluent in Italian, if you listen closely, you can hear her Midwestern accent add a folksy twist to buongiorno.

Mark Hogan (2015)

A native of New Jersey, Mark comes to us after a brief but intense career as a CPA. His arrival marks a new level of financial controls for RWM. Mark's main focus will be on our numbers, both dollars and bottles, but Mark will be working closely with every aspect of the RWM's day-to-day business which will provide a good deal of support to the entire team. With Mark's arrival, we now have three men called Mark, Marck and Marc. Maybe a nickname, or two is in order.

The Warehouse Staff (all but one of whom is tri-lingual … French, English and, of course, Creole!)

Jean Pheta Jean-Jacques (1987-2013)

In Memoriam.   Originally from Aux Cayes, Haiti, Jean managed our warehouse for nearly 28 years with intelligence, grace and aplomb.   He set the standard for everyone who followed, and will follow him.   He played a starring role in the film “Mondovino.”   We miss him very  much….

Simon Dorvil (1990)

From Port-au-Prince, Haiti; the second longest tenured member of the warehouse staff and “sub-commandant”.

Paul Compere (1994)

From Lafond, Haiti; the resident master of the daily routing and our downtown New York City “tour guide”.

Marc Jean-Baptiste (2000)

From Chantal, Haiti; our resident interior decorator, the man who knows where everything is!

Marck Olivier (2005)

From Arcahaie, Haiti; chairman of our youth brigade … the next generation prepares to carry on.

Jean-Dary Belmont (2006)

From Torbeck, Haiti; a font of good counsel and pillar of strength … the right hand to all of our left hands.

Gardy Dumesle (2007)

From Aux Cayes, Haiti; our technical whiz and source of new and clever ideas that make the business click.

Donferley Jean-Baptiste (2011)

From Aux Cayes, Haiti; son of Marc Jean-Baptiste and a calm but forceful presence at RWM.

Angenor Gerard (2012)

Angenor hails from Port Salut, Haiti. His very recent move to the United States ensures we all have plenty of opportunity to practice our French and/or Creole.  Angenor is a calm and very reliable addition to our warehouse crew.

Jean Arris (2013)

From Port-au-Prince Haiti, he goes simply by Arris.  He is on the floor every day picking, organizing, loading and unloading, building pallets…yet he always has time for a smile!

Chris Maldonado (2012)

Sole representative of the state of New Jersey, Chris is our jack-of-all-trades, manning the delivery vans, preparing shipments, and doing it all with youthful energy and good humor.

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