Jean Faurois Vosne Chaumes 1981

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Drinking this aged beauty tonight. Blake and Michael , I believe, may have had the pleasure of meeting the “Master”.  Jean Faurois was the epitome of the classic Burgundian vigneron of this era … a gentleman of the first order … quiet, determined, calm with a deep love of his land and a knowledge so profound  built on many generations of learning. He was born in the Chateau du Clos de Vougeot and was the régisseur for the Meo-Camuzet family for decades (his son , Christophe, followed in his footsteps).  His personal cuvée of Clos de Vougeot was made with grapes from the finest parcel, the rows immediately in front of the Chateau. The mark of a Faurois wine was supreme elegance with a subtle interplay of flavors and aromas that rang every note on the register. How grateful I am that I grew up on wines like this.

Tonight ‘s wine is past its prime, like an artist that has painted his last vigorous canvas and now draws in pencil or ink the mere outlines of an idea and image. There is life here beneath the sherryed bouquet, a spry dance of acidity lifting the earth and old flowers that mingle in nose and palate. What genius it took to produce this jewel in a vintage when nature was so meager in its gifts.

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