20 Under $20: Minimal Effort, Maximum Pleasure

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On those nights when you just need to flop, find a wine that’s alive, interesting, easy to enjoy and moderately priced. It is the reward you deserve.

By Eric Asimov
Sept. 19, 2019

Weeknights are a state of mind. More accurately, they are a state of fatigue.

Whether it’s a Tuesday or a Saturday, sometimes all you want is an uninterrupted stretch of peace and quiet, maybe some leftovers and a chance to wear out the Netflix subscription. That, and a couple of glasses of decent wine.

Wine with dinner is an easy win, especially with a bottle that is not only good enough to pique your interest and reward your attention, but one that is also inexpensive, without requirements for concentration or close observation.

Château Soucherie
Anjou Blanc Les Rangs de Long 2018 $17.99
Château Soucherie makes excellent Savennières. This is the first time I’ve had its Anjou Blanc, made with chenin blanc grapes grown in clay, sand, schist and limestone in the greater Anjou region, outside the Savennières appellation. Typically of the Anjou, it’s got an earthy, minerally flavor that is sometimes described as “wooly.” I love it. (Rosenthal Wine Merchant, New York)

Grosjean Frères Torrette Vallée d’Aoste 2016 $19.99
The terraced hillsides in the Vallée d’Aoste sit practically on the border with France. French and Italian are both spoken, and though this is an Italian wine, the label uses the French Vallée d’Aoste, so I’ll stick with it. It’s made largely of the petit rouge grape, another French name, with flavors of dark, spicy fruit. It’s lively, with a deep note that keeps me intrigued. (Rosenthal Wine Merchant)

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