2013 Gilles “Les Peyrouses”

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gillesguillaumelespeyrouses_2013I had quite a few wines open in Philadelphia this past week as part of a portfolio tasting we did with our distributor there. I’ll send more detailed notes on some of the other wines under separate cover, but I wanted to take a minute to spotlight a wine that was an absolute show-stopper: the 2013 “Les Peyrouses” from Guillaume Gilles (about whom I probably gush too much, but hey, the wines demand it)…

The nose is arresting and explosive, full of soaring spices—sandalwood, cardamom, white pepper, bittersweet cocoa. One peers down from the dizzying heights of these aromas into a deep well of dusty, brooding, yet utterly delicious-smelling Syrah fruit, and the sensation of vertical completeness is striking. On the palate, the wine is mouth-filling, vibrant in its acidity, with tannins that grip appropriately yet meld seamlessly into the structure even at this relatively youthful age. The fruit is vital and alive, and is as close as one can get to teleportation into the warm, stony terroir of Cornas (well, in this case, its immediate environs).

I think we’ve been selling this wine incorrectly. At least, I know I have been.  In fact, it’s no longer labeled as a Cotes-du-Rhone, but rather as a Vin de France.  I think the Cotes-du-Rhone label may have profoundly hampered our ability to sell the wine, as it’s hard not to balk at a wine carrying that appellation at that price… “Vin de France” helps lead into the story of the wine in a more direct and honest manner.

Another fact: Guillaume always presents Peyrouses last in his lineups, after the two Cornas. That right there should tell you the esteem in which the vigneron himself holds the wine… That provided an interesting talking point throughout the Philadelphia tasting, and people were taken aback by the wine’s sheer force of personality and presence.

I seem to recall us formerly receiving something like 5 cases of this wine for the USA, so it understandably has been under the radar and not an object of intense focus. However, we have over 30 cases of this 2013, and I cannot recommend strongly enough that you pull a bottle and start blowing people’s minds…


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