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2014 Poulsard Pêcheur

Poulsard, Cuvee des Troit Cepages, TrousseauDrinking this exquisite version of Poulsard (2014) from Pêcheur tonight. Elegant, clean, so very ALIVE and a perfect companion to so many different types of cuisines. What a joy!


I, too, have been taken with this wine having had the opportunity to taste it now stateside.  Every bit as you describe:  star-bright; autumn leaf decay over crabapple-and-sassafras-tinged nervy red fruit; alpine lightness of carriage across the palate; and, most striking, an indelible stain to the back palate that would seem to defy the lack of weight to the wine.  Very much “ALIVE”.  I thought the wine was magical.

At the same time, the wine sums up everything at play when there was nervous skittish division over working with Pêcheur across two visits to the Darbonnay domaine.

No matter.  The real folks will get it.