A Bordeaux Moment – Pauillac front and center

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Ch Chantecler PauillacJust finished drinking a bottle of Chateau Chantecler, Pauillac, 2010 (while listening to the Brad Mehldau Trio) which experience drove our memories to the earliest days of our career in wine when we had the pleasure of indulging in another Pauillac by the name of Château Latour in vintages like ’61, ’62 and ’64, wines of consummate class and breed – truly great wines that justified the rarefied and elite status of the best of Bordeaux. This Chantecler is damn good but is a mere baby needing a good 10 years to grow and expand and lay out its character for all to see. ‎ We must set aside small lots of our Bordeaux to age in order to show our world the exquisite pleasures that the finest artisans of Bordeaux can still provide.

By the way, for any of you who enjoy jazz piano and are not yet familiar with Brad Mehldau, I would suggest you access some of his work, particularly his collaboration in trio format with his colleagues, Jorge Rossy and Larry Grenadier. His work reminds me a bit of how we put together our portfolio, a subtle but profound exploration of the classics married to groundbreaking new combinations.


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