A Grand Cru Experience

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mazis-chambertinWe sat at the dinner table tonight and drank, over a simple dinner (leftover pork tenderloin, roast potatoes, endive and blue cheese salad), a bottle of Mazis-Chambertin produced by our grower Harmand-Geoffroy in the 2006 vintage. This bottle offered vivid testimony of its breed and answers the question: do certain vineyard locations truly provide a special vinous experience that qualifies as “Grand Cru”? And, the response, in this case is, emphatically, yes!

The bouquet requires a dictionary of olfactory terms to properly describe its pleasures. The peat, the earth, the little berries that animate its aromatic wardrobe presage, and prepare for, its entrance on the palate where it dances, rather than expodes. It is heady in its complexity, a seductress that entices one to return again and again to sip and slurp, to kiss and caress as if it were a lover of exquisite skill. Not perhaps a perfect wine but rather a perfect experience. From a vintage not highly regarded and therein lies this wine’s very greatness. How satisfying are the joys of fine red Burgundy from these tiny plots of magical land.
NIR. 13 March 2014

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