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A Wine Importer Turns to Food

Neal Rosenthal is now selling European pantry staples on his Mad Rose website.


Neal Rosenthal, the selective upstate importer of fine wines (mostly French and Italian), is also selling food online at his Mad Rose website. Several new products deserve pantry space. Roveja, brown to greenish-gray dried wild peas the size of capers, come from the border between Umbria and Le Marche in Italy. Soak them overnight, then simmer them in soups and stews; they become tender, meaty and slightly fruity. An estate in Liguria makes tart-sweet semidried cherry tomatoes to top crostini. And the olive oil from Ch√Ęteau de Peyrassol, a wine estate in Provence, is distinctive for its delicacy, with a pleasing bitter edge.

Bea Estate Roveja dried peas, $27 for 17.5 ounces; Frantoio di Aldo Armato semidried cherry tomatoes, $21 for 10.2 ounces; and Peyrassol French olive oil, $30 for 16.9 ounces, madrosefoods.com.