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Abissi by Bisson via Rosenthal Wine Merchant Drinking Abissi (April 14 2012)
Drinking Abissi (April 14 2012)

When Piero “Bisson” Lugano told me about his fantastical plan to submerge his nascent Spumante deep beneath the waters of the bay of Portofino where it would undergo its second fermentation, I thought he was kidding.  Then, when he actually did make the arrangements, I tossed it off as nothing more than a brilliant publicity stunt.

I had tasted the Abissi with Piero once in his office in Chiavari but I finally indulged myself stateside on Saturday (April 14), leisurely doing in one of the 300 bottles of the 2009 that we imported earlier this year.  Brilliant it is, and not simply as a PR coup!  The Abissi 2009 is elegant, bone dry, persistently fine both in its bubble and finish.  There may very well be something magical about exposing this lovely Spumante to the steady movement of the tides, the essential rhythm of our planet.

The objective now must be to see if we can convince Piero to share a bit more of the next release of Abissi.

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