Aging Dolcetto – An Example

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Dolcetto-dAlba-Vignavillej-1998Having tasted through the series of older Dolcetto Dogliani (an appellation with a certain deserved renown for producing age-worthy Dolcetto) recently, it was a revelation to drink a bottle of Dolcetto d’Alba “Vignavillej” 1998 from Brovia, a wine drawn from our private collection. It is an astonishing wine – deep in color, robust, still fresh and quite tasty. I guess the Dogliani district has nothing on Castiglione Falletto, at least when the grapes are in the hands of the Brovia family.

Frankly, we were anticipating a wine on its very last legs (16 year old Dolcetto!), if it were even to be alive. In fact, this ’98 may be drinking better now that it did in its youth. Bravo to the Brovia family with a particularly warm “shout out” to the recently departed Giacinto Brovia, one of the finest gentlemen we have had the pleasure of working with over these many years in wine.

NIR 17 Jan 2015

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