Aging white wine in the fridge

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Our people are cranking out some very fine wines!  We drank again today three wines that have been sitting in our fridge OPEN since John Paine showed them to his New Orleans clients a couple of weeks ago.

Arneis 2017 from Brovia still fresh as a just picked daisy with a touch of pine and chamomile to the nose, excellent concentration and a rather full finish.

The Païen 2011 from Papilloud is stunning! Oily, oily, oily with a plush density that can only come from well tended vineyards. Romain Papilloud is very good at his craft. His whites are particularly outstanding.

Finally, the brilliant iconoclast, Joseph Dorbon, has crafted a scintillating true-to-type Savagnin Vieilles Vignes 2009 that is fearsome in its searing intensity. Life-giving wine this is. A sip a day will keep the grim reaper away. The tension and drive this wine displays on the palate is otherworldly.

We paired all with a ramen I prepared tonight  rich with the flavor of mushrooms and long-aged sweet white miso … lovely!

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