An Old Friend

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chambolle-musigny-amoitNo one ever made a truer Chambolle Musigny than our old friend (and very first producer in Burgundy), Bernard Amiot. Tonight we are enjoying his 1997 Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru “Les Chatelots”. As we do, we reminisce about how we started working with Bernard, tasting through the cellar and marking the individual barrel or barrels that were destined for the USA so that our wines would be bottled directly from the barrel without filtering.

This particular wine displays all the elegance of the appellation emphasized by the character of this subtle vintage. This cuvée, the Chatelots, always expresses a more firm backbone than his Charmes and it gives linear form to this wine. The flavors are an enchanting mix of bitter cherry and tobacco announced by aromas of leafy compost, cedar, a bit of faded rose. How pretty – a sophisticated lady dressed in fine silk.

We miss Bernard. More importantly, the world of Burgundy misses this master craftsman.


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