ANCIENT TRADITIONS: Chateau Le Puy & Josko Gravner

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LE PUY2Next year, 2017, Rosenthal Wine Merchant begins its fortieth year in the wine trade.  That seems like a very long time.  It isn’t actually, I suppose, when you place our presence in the commerce of wine alongside that of several of our producers whose families have been caring for the vine and crafting wines for many decades more and in some instance for centuries.  This passing of the baton from generation to generation, which frequently presents notions of longevity, respect for history, and appreciation for the classics, has had a large impact on how we go about selecting suppliers for our portfolio.  We have a certain comfort knowing that the wines we will buy are produced according to ancient traditions that have proven their value over time.

Gravner vineyard in Friuli

So, it seems natural, perhaps inevitable, that we can announce today that RWM now represents the wines of Chateau Le Puy, from St. Cibard in Bordeaux, and those of Josko Gravner in Friuli on an exclusive basis for the USA.  Both of these estates are deeply grounded in history, each in its respective way.

Chateau Le Puy cellar
5000 litre amphorae for maceration

The Amoreau family of Chateau Le Puy has owned this property since 1610, continuously tending the vineyards now for over 400 years.  Josko Gravner’s family, too, has been in the little village of Lenzuolo Bianco on the frontier of Italy and Slovenia for multiple generations but, in this instance, the greater historical reference comes from the decision to adopt the millennia-old amphora as the vehicle through which the Gravner wines search for their identities.  In both cases, Le Puy and Gravner, the vineyards and wines are produced according to organic and biodynamic methods, both in the vineyards and in the cellar, a fact that also harkens back to far-away times when “natural” was all that any wine grower could be ….

In September the first shipments from both Chateau Le Puy and Josko Gravner will arrive in our New York warehouse.  Following this brief monograph, you will find a listing of the wines that will be available through our good services.  We are also pleased to announce that we anticipate a visit this autumn from a member of the Le Puy team as well as one from Mateja Gravner, daughter of Josko, as we launch our collaboration.  Details of those future encounters will be provided soon.

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