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Arbin Mondeuse (Magnin) 2011

arbin-mondeuse-2011Drinking with exquisite pleasure this classic Mondeuse from Louis Magnin. When we first brought this wine into the States last spring, it was tight as a drum with its high acid tension. To my surprise,  this wine has turned the corner much more quickly than I had thought it would. It is wonderfully aromatic with a touch of that wild hint of pine forest and compost; deeply red and brilliant in color; and blessed with an elegant and lengthy finish. This is the wine that attests to the royalty of this cépage. I would not hesitate to recommend this to any of our clients … and a good value to boot.

By the way, Neil, Clarke and I had a formidable tasting on last Sunday with Louis and Beatrice Magnin. We must do a better job of representing these wines – clearly the class act of the Savoie. The full range of their wines, white and red, are joyous and profound.