JEAN-MARC PILLOT: 2017 & 2016 Report on Consequences of Extreme Weather Conditions

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2016 Bourgogne Blanc “Hauts des Champs”: because of frost damage in “Les Grands Champs”, Pillot used a nearby surviving parcel to make his Bourgogne Blanc. The location and character of this wine is very similar to our normal cuvee. 2016 Frost Loss: Jean-Marc lost about 70% of his chardonnay from the spring frost. Fortunately for

GHISLAINE BARTHOD: 2017 & 2016 Report on Consequences of Extreme Weather Conditions

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2016 Frost: Among the hardest hit with frost among our vigneron in Burgundy, Ghislaine experienced the smallest harvest of career in 2016. Yields are down roughly 70% for the year, and she failed to produce “Combottes” and “Chatelots”. Prepare your clients who are lucky enough to receive allocations of the ’15 that there is going

Côte d’Or and Côte Chalonnaise 2017 & 2016 Report on Consequences of Extreme Weather Conditions

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The 2017 vintage in France proved to be one of the most low-yielding on record. Problems with a widespread spring frost, abundant hail, and extremely dry conditions during the summer worked mutually to make 2017 the worst harvest since 1945. Amazingly, the one area that managed to avoid these widespread afflictions was the coveted land

The 2013 Cru Barolos from Brovia

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Each summer, as we approach Labor Day and make final preparations for the autumn shipments, one early-October arrival is always circled as perhaps the highlight of the season from our Italian growers: the single annual release of the majestic cru Barolos from Brovia. The 2013 vintage hardly needs an introduction, as it has already been

Two Vintage Expressions from Montevertine:

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2015 Pian del Ciampolo and 2014 Montevertine “Montevertine” Few releases garner as much interest and excitement as those from Montevertine. Ever since we announced our partnership in 2006, Martino Manetti’s wines have been touchstones of the RWM portfolio. Fittingly, the duo of wines arriving this September—the 2014 Montevertine “Montevertine” and the 2015 Montevertine “Pian del

Domaine de la Chapelle des Bois A Sunny 2015 Vintage

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In the decade since we first encountered Domaine de la Chapelle des Bois, Chantal and Eric Coudert’s classically styled Beaujolais have filled an important niche in the Rosenthal Wine Merchant portfolio. Humble yet exuberant folks, Chantal and Eric provide us with sensational cru Beaujolais that stand proudly among the best wines in the region. While

Domaine Fourrier – Report on the 2015 Vintage

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It is with much anticipation that we await the release of the 2015 vintage from Domaine Fourrier toward the middle of August. Our tastings of the 2015s with Jean-Marie Fourrier last September (out of barrel) and this past March (just after bottling) revealed another impressive vintage from one of our most exciting and reliable growers.

New Releases from the Mountains: Joseph Dorbon, Domaine Overnoy Crinquand and Domaine Louis Magnin

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Just in time to mark the beginning of July, we are all set to receive an impressive group of wines from the cool mountains of France. Specifically, we expect new arrivals from Joseph Dorbon and Mickael Crinquand in the Jura and Louis and Béatrice Magnin in the Savoie. It is no secret that we at

The 2015 Vintage from Philippe Foreau: The Vintage of a Lifetime

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Tasting wine in the dark, cool cellar at the fabled Domaine du Clos Naudin is one of the greatest pleasures of our grower visits. Philippe Foreau’s ambient cellar was dug beneath his vineyards and formed from the same tuffeau stone that donates its mineral complexity to these remarkable wines. Philippe always comes prepared and sets

New 2013 Releases from the Cote d’Or

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It has been our custom in recent years to let many noteworthy releases arrive at our NY warehouse without any fanfare. Within any given year, there are a throng of important and extremely limited wines that we are compelled to offer and allocate to our clients. We often call your attention to wines that are