Etienne Becheras

Etienne Becheras’s domaine is polycultural. It extends for 12 hectares principally within the confines of the village of Arras which borders and overlooks the Rhone River on the western side.
Wines: Crozes Hermitage Rouge, Saint Joseph Blanc, Saint Joseph Rouge “Tour Joviac”, Saint Joseph Rouge “Tradition”

Domaine Guillaume Gilles

When Robert Michel, our long-time vigneron in Cornas, decided to retire after the 2006 vintage, he did us the enormous favor of introducing us to Guillaume Gilles, a young vigneron resident in Cornas who, it turns out was Michel’s protégé.
Wines: Cornas, Cornas “La Combe de Chaillot”, Cotes du Rhone “Les Peyrouses”

Domaine Lionnet

If I recall correctly, Robert Michel, our long-time producer of Cornas, announced to me in late 2004 that he was considering retirement, most probably after the 2006 vintage.
Wines: Cornas “Terre Brulée”

Bernard Levet

Nicole Levet’s grandfather first purchased vineyards in Ampuis in 1936 and began making wine immediately thereafter. Initially, he delivered his Cote Rotie in barrels to the city of St. Etienne where he sold it to bistros and cafes for consumption by the miners of that city.
Wines: Cote Rotie “La Chavaroche”, Cote Rotie “Les Journaries”

Robert Michel

Robert Michel is the fourth generation of the Michel family to work as a vigneron in the village of Cornas. He vinified his first wines in 1975 and gradually increased his vineyard holdings so that his tiny domaine encompassed slightly over 5 hectares at its apex.
Wines: Bois des Blaches, Cuvee des Coteaux, Le Quartier de Renard, Les Chaillots, St. Joseph Rouge

Xavier Gerard

Several years ago, we were introduced to a young northern Rhone vigneron by our longtime Cote-Rotie grower, Bernard Levet.
WInes: Viognier Le Replat Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes, Condrieu Marmouzin, Condrieu La Cote Chatillon, Saint Joseph Rouge Le Blanchard, Cote-Rotie

Yves Cuilleron

The Cuilleron family domaine, located in the hamlet of Verlieu (part of the town of Chavanay) was founded several generations ago (1920).
Wines: “Roussilliere”, Condrieu “Ayguets”, Condrieu “La Petite Cote”, Condrieu “Les Chaillets”, Condrieu “Vertige”, Cote Rotie “La Madiniere”, Cote Rotie “Terres Sombres”, Saint Joseph Blanc “Le Lombard”, Saint Joseph Blanc “Lyseras”, Saint Joseph Blanc “Saint Pierre”, Saint Joseph Rouge “L’Amarybelle”, Saint Joseph Rouge “Les Pierres Seches”, Saint Joseph Rouge “Les Serines”, Saint Péray “Les Cerfs”, Saint Péray “Les Potiers”, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes “Marsanne”, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes “Roussanne”, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes “Signé”, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes “Syrah – Les Candives”, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes “Syrah”, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes “Viognier”, Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes Rosé “Sybel”

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