Champagne Roger Coulon

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As a preliminary to the field reports on the 2016 Roses which are now in the process of being bottled , we are sending along comments on the duet of Roses produced by our two Champagne growers.

Here is the newest cuvée of “Roselie” from Champagne Roger Coulon with the next generation of the family, Edgar, (the ninth generation!) in the background of the photo. Details: 100% Pinot Meunier from a single parcel in the village of Vrigny on the western flank of the Montagne de Reims and classified 1er Cru; from the 2014 harvest; dosage at 4 grams; produced by the saignée method which is rare in Champagne; total production limited to 4000 bottles; due to ship to the USA in September after additional elevage.


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