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Chateau de l’Eperonnière rosé wrap-up

Mathieu Tijou’s Chateau de l’Eperonnière Rosé de Loire this vintage is–well–PINK… Not salmon, not copper, not silvery, but the pure Platonic ideal of pink. Mathieu explained to us that he presses the grapes under a blanket of inert gas in order to prevent any trace of oxidation and to preserve that electric hue. Primarily Cabernet Franc, there’s also a splash of Grolleau Noir and a dollop of Gamay in the mix. In the glass, this 2016 is bursting with juicy aromas of maraschino cherry and candied strawberry. It’s quite dry on the palate, but with generous fruit and an energetic acid spine that we’re coming to recognize as a signature of Loire rosés this vintage. A sneaky mineral undertone emerges on the finish.