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Blake Johnson (1993)
blake_johnsonBorn and raised in Montana, Blake migrated to New York in the early 1980s and has been immersed at the most elite levels in the wine trade since that time. Blake is the senior sales representative for RWM having joined us in 1993. Blake has a multitude of accounts in the New York metropolitan area that rely on his deep knowledge of the RWM portfolio gained from almost a quarter-century representing the RWM portfolio.  Blake’s talents extend to photography: many of the producer photographic profiles found on this website have been provided by Blake.

Michael Kane (1995)
michael_kaneA native of the New York metropolitan area, Michael is responsible for the New England market.  Michael is the second-most senior representative amongst the RWM team having joined RWM in 1995.  Michael’s passion and commitment to the wine trade and to the RWM portfolio is unrivalled in scope and intensity and his clients revel in the depth of his wine knowledge.

Neil Rosen (2001)
neil_rosenA northern Californian by birth but an old world wine lover by choice, Neil tends to the upstate and New Jersey markets while maintaining key accounts in the City as well.

Naomi Rosen (2002)
naomi_rosenOddly for our New York-based company, Naomi is the lone native New York City “kid” on the sales team; based in Brooklyn but with a wide-ranging clientele throughout the boroughs, Naomi has built a formidable reputation in the trade for her wine knowledge and impeccable service; an artist at heart, we frequently rely on Naomi’s good taste to guide our event planning.

John Paine (2006)
john_paineJohn Paine (2006) – John does a yeoman’s work, flying around the heart of the country, from the southern to the northern border.  Now based in Austin,Texas, John travels as well to Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho and Louisiana to share his enthusiasm, experience and the treasures of his well-stocked personal cellar.

Ben Andersen (2008)

ben_anderson_newBased in Los Angeles, Ben Andersen is our West Coast Representative (CA, OR, WA, NV, HI). Ben got his start in wine right out of college in 1995, when he began working in a shop in Virginia, and from there he went on to take a sales and then sales manager position with a large distributor in VA. He joined us in 2008, after an 8 year run working in pharmaceutical and medical device sales and indulging his passion for wine by moonlighting as a buyer for a retail shop + wine bar in Virginia (becoming the top Rosenthal client in that state!).

Clarke Boehling (2009)
clarke-boehlingA Virginia native, Clarke Boehling now resides in Brooklyn, New York and covers a complex sales territory for RWM which includes many New York City accounts as well as the Pennsylvania and Delaware markets.  Clarke has recently ascended to the position of “Producer Liaison”.  As part of that set of tasks, Clarke provides much of the descriptive commentary on wines and producers that you will find throughout this website.

Tobias Rower (2016)
tobiasTobias Rower, Vermont-born and raised, arrived on the New York City scene in 2005.  Over the past decade, he has developed extensive experience on the restaurant side of our trade before transferring his expertise to wine sales.  His most recent role prior to becoming a member of the RWM team was representing a prestigious book of German estates which should make for a seamless transition to presenting the RWM portfolio to his extensive client base in New York City.

Joseph Frederick (2016)
josephDespite his youth, Joseph Frederick is well-traveled having spent his growing-up years in places as diverse as Rio de Janeiro, Bogota and Madrid.  He is based in Florida and is bilingual in English and Spanish.  Joseph has been involved in the wine trade for a dozen years, having worked as a sommelier, an independent wine consultant and, most recently, as the key sales representative for a small, family-run wine distributor in the Florida market with a strong Burgundy portfolio.  He will now extend his reach to cover the southeastern region of the USA for RWM.

Greg Borden (2020)
Greg Borden was born into a third generation San Francisco-Italian family with deep roots in the local restaurant and specialty foods industry; particularly in North Beach, where his Nono had launched a successful salami business out of the family delicatessen. While he worked in restaurants from a young age, Greg also worked as a cheese-monger, specialty foods buyer, retail wine buyer and sommelier while continuing to volunteer at Slow Food as an American Olive Oil Specialist. He is primarily responsible for covering the East and South Bay, as well as San Francisco proper.

Nicole Dougherty (2020)
Always a teacher, always a student” Nicole views wine as the unique intersection art, science, history and culture. Her degree in European History, combined with years of experience in wine – from running restaurant wine programs, in wholesale sales, and creating a retail wine shop puts her in a unique position for understanding many sides of the world of wine. Nicole lives by the motto “take your pleasure seriously” – and applies this with great vigor to food and wine, which she is both serious and passionate about. East Coast raised, Nicole has spent the last decade immersed in the wine industry in California, and covers territory in Southern California, primarily Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

Randall Bush (2021)
Once a humanities professor, one might now say he is occupied by professing the humanity of wine. Randall manages the Great Lakes and Midwest markets, with prior experience both in independent retail sales and to most of Chicago’s top restaurants. Originally seized by the jarring pathos of the great wines of Italy, he believes that, regardless of place, the most meaningful wines are those that possess a soul all their own. He loves reading, cooking, and entertaining at his family’s home in Chicago.

Chris Johnson (2021)
Chris has an array of experience in the wine industry having worked for importers, restaurants, and retailers coast to coast. Born and raised in Montana, he’s since called California, New York City, and Texas home. Chris trained as an operatic baritone and holds two degrees in the field. His musical studies took him to Italy where he honed his skills in the Italian language and those experiences became the inspiration for his European wine career. Based in Los Angeles, Chris covers Southern California, MT, ID, and WY for us.

Sophia Charow (2021)
Having grown up in Europe, Sophia’s love for wine was sparked at a young age. She has spent most of her career working in the London market with interludes as a sommelier in Nicaragua and a biodynamic apprentice in New Zealand. Having fallen in love with the Rosenthal portfolio while representing it for a distributor in Colorado, it was an easy transition to jump on board the Rosenthal team. She is based in Texas and covers much of the Southwest including Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas.

Neal Rosenthal (the beginning)
nealEnough said … read “Reflections of a Wine Merchant” for more detail!

Kerry Madigan (the beginning)
partner to Neal, font of wisdom, immovable and constant presence nurturing, protecting and enriching RWM … without Kerry all is a chimera.

Jeremy Sells (2008)
jeremy_sellsa transplanted Canadian from Calgary, Jeremy runs the RWM “Daily Show” … everything passes through his hands; multilingual, multi-talented … the glue that keeps the production running.

Gihane Azer (2011)
gihaneOf Egyptian origin, Gihane, a French speaker, has an extensive background in wine administration; she is responsible for performing the critical tasks of customs clearance, managing label requirements and posting prices where necessary as well as surveying the order flow.

Sarah Hexter (2013)
sarahSarah came to Rosenthal Wine Merchant in 2013 from a position in Financial Risk Management consulting in Washington DC.  She serves as the primary point of contact for our national distributors and works closely with our growers on special projects.  Sarah received much of her formal (and informal) training in wine while living in Italy, and speaks both Italian and French.

Mark Hogan (2015)

mark_hoganA native of New Jersey, Mark comes to us after a brief but intense career as a CPA. His arrival marks a new level of financial controls for RWM. Mark’s main focus will be on our numbers, both dollars and bottles, but Mark will be working closely with every aspect of the RWM’s day-to-day business which will provide a good deal of support to the entire team. With Mark’s arrival, we now have three men called Mark, Marck and Marc. Maybe a nickname, or two is in order.

Jess Costanzo (2016)


Jess has framed her life to be at the nexus of wine and art having spent the past 8 years building her wine knowledge selecting wines for and managing both a wine bar and several retail wine establishments all while expressing her talents as an artist in the design of collage and greeting cards. To complete her personal picture, Jess is also the center of her family as wife and mother.

Skylar Scher (2019)
From culinary schools in Provence and Florence, to a hospitality degree from Cornell University, Skylar joins our team with a strong foundation in both food and wine. Professionally, she has experience in both restaurant management and wine sales; thus bringing a diverse set of skills to the RWM team. Accordingly, she wears many hats for us, while laying the groundwork for our West Coast operations.

Lisa Brophy (2019)
Lisa Brophy, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park), has extensive experience in our world of food and wine. Lisa has lived and labored in Piedmont and also in Friuli while working for several wineries and an American-based importer, has been exposed to the rough and tumble of the New York restaurant scene and has been involved in wine distribution in New York and also in the southeast. In the latter capacity, Lisa managed the RWM portfolio for our local distributors and has a deep knowledge of our portfolio. Lisa moves to San Francisco to manage RWM’s state-wide distribution.

Debbie Soo (2021)
Debbie Soo is a seasoned marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in F&B. As a former editor for one of Hong Kong’s leading food and lifestyle publications, she ran the production of over fifty issues devoted to gastronomy and home cooking. After moving to the US in 2014, she started Feastive – New York’s first meal kit delivery service for dinner parties. She continued to pursue her love for delicious, quality fare with Mad Rose Specialty Foods. Debbie joined Rosenthal Wine Merchant in 2021 as the Director of Marketing and Partnerships.

Chiara Ponticelli (2022)
An Italian native, Chiara moved to New York in 1997. The majority of her career has been in luxury retail and highly creative environments such as Salvatore Ferragamo, A.Testoni, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Christie’s Auction House. Having grown up in the countryside near Florence, Chiara learned to appreciate wine at the dinner table early on from local producers in Tuscany. For the past five years, she has transitioned into the world of wine and spirits; Chiara has her bartending certificate, WSET level 2 and is currently pursuing the advanced level of International Sommelier Guild. She speaks French, Spanish and Italian, and loves art, nature, traveling, hiking and swimming with her 13 year old son Leonardo.

Jean Pheta Jean-Jaques (1987-2013)


In Memoriam.   Originally from Aux Cayes, Haiti, Jean managed our warehouse for nearly 28 years with intelligence, grace and aplomb.   He set the standard for everyone who followed, and will follow him.   He played a starring role in the film “Mondovino.”   We miss him very  much….

Simon Dorvil (1990) - Retired 2020

simon-dorvilFrom Port-au-Prince, Haiti; the longest tenured member of the warehouse staff, at our side for more than a quarter-century; he is now living a full life in Florida. We miss him.

Paul Compere (1994-retired 2017)

paul-compereFrom Lafond, Haiti; a trusted member of RWM for twenty three years; recognized for his error-free performance and reliability. Retired 2017

Marc Jean-Baptiste (2000-retired 2018)

marc-jean-baptisteFrom Chantal, Haiti; our resident “interior decorator”, fabled as our master of space management. Retired 2018

Mike C. Olivier (2005)

marck-olivierFrom Arcahaie, Haiti; Chairman of the youth brigade and guide to the outer reaches of the New York metropolitan area.

Jean-Dary Belmont (2006)

john-dary-belmontFrom Torbeck, Haiti; long-serving pillar of strength and now successor to Paul Compere as the master of the routing system.

Gardy Dumesle (2007)

gardy-dumesieFrom Aux Cayes, Haiti; our technical wizard, problem solver and inventory manager.

Donferley Jean-Baptiste (2011)

donferley-jean-baptisteFrom Aux Cayes, Haiti; the second generation of the Jean-Baptiste family to join RWM; a talented master of multiple roles, whether on the road or in the warehouse.

Angenor Gerard (2012)

angenor-gerardFrom Port Salut, Haiti; our rock in the turbulent ocean of our daily activities.

Jean Arris (2013)

jean-arrisFrom Port-au-Prince, Haiti; known to all simply as “Arris”, he is the right hand man and “shotgun” to Belmont on the Brooklyn and downtown routes.

Thenio Louissaint (2015

thenio-louissaint-2016From Saut d’Eau, Haiti; an integral member of the logistics team and frequent partner with MC on the longer routes.

Jeffrey Letang (2015)

jeffrey-letang-2016From Port-au-Prince, Haiti; a key member of the brigade, often responsible for sorting and preparing orders destined for all parts of the USA.

Clifford Clesidor (2018)

Currently employed at Rosenthal Wine Merchant as a Warehouse Agent. “I’m originally from Port-au-Prince, Haïti”.

Winston Jean (2019)

“Proud to be part of the RWM Staff”.

Patrick Nicolas (2019)

Born and raised in Haiti, Patrick speaks four languages (Creole, French, Spanish and English). With prior experience as a surgical tech and dispatcher, Patrick is a key member of our warehouse and logistics team. He works very hard to achieve his goals and is always trying to influence others in a positive way.

Ollrich Alexandre (2020)

Born in Port-au-prince, Haiti. A positive attitude who is determined to work hard, and to continue to learn different aspects of RWM.

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