Cornas Lionnet 2016

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Our dedication to wines of terroir is best and most fundamentally expressed in a wine such as the Cornas “Terre Brulée” 2016 produced at the Domaine Lionnet. For all the excitement that swirls around the wines of the northern Rhone and various other interpretations of Syrah globally, nothing matches the purity of this wine from this estate. The work of Ludovic Izerable and Corinne Lionnet is a joy to behold in its simplicity and truthfulness. Here, in this 2016, a year brilliant in its general composition, we have the ultimate definition of the work of the vigneron: work well the vineyards superbly placed within an appellation, harvest manually, and with great care, ripe and healthy grapes, crush and ferment and observe the fermentations in traditional vessels in a cellar that is naked of the modern tools of the oenologue; then, patiently permit the wine “to make itself” and bottle the wine in its most pure state. This 2016 has the meat and the sex appeal of the greatest of the Syrah borne from the exquisite soils of the northern Rhone Valley. It is subtle but deeply intense, mouth-filling yet athletically nimble on the palate; a wine for the ages. It merits a singular position of importance in one’s cellar ….


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