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Dolcetto d’Alba ’14 DeForville

IMG_0216Once again our friends, the Anfosso family of Barbaresco, have produced one of the singular great values in our portfolio of wines. We are drinking tonight the 2014 Dolcetto d’Alba which is simply delicious, actually thirst-quenching, vibrant, fresh, so very much alive! One wonders sometimes how it is possible to produce a wine of this superb quality for a price that is so eminently affordable.

When I descend into the cellars at the De Forville cantina and observe the majestic old and enormous barrels, as I have done now for 36 consecutive years, I am reminded of the grand Piedmontese traditions and the profound nature of the best that this exceptional region can produce. The joy of immersing oneself in this trove of pleasures at the modest level of the simple Dolcetto is large and infinitely rewarding. This is the way the world of wine should function: an open door to the wonders of wine with an admission fee that anyone can afford.

Thank you to Bruno, Mafalda, Valter and Paolo Anfosso!