Drinking Montbourgeau and Listening to Billy Holliday

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We are in the midst of a special moment, a quiet dinner at home on the evening before we leave to prospect in the Piedmont and Calabria. The atmosphere is cool, calm and crystalline – listening to Billy Holliday sing and drinking the L’Etoile Cuvee Speciale 2006 from Nicole Deriaux’s Domaine de Montbourgeau, a brief but powerful epiphany created by two talented women.

The wine is a celebration of the terroir and tradition of the Jura, a piercing presence on the palate, subtle yet intensely vibrant. The “Cuvee Speciale” from Montbourgeau is a brilliant wine – left to age in older barrels for 5 years or so, virtually untouched during its entire elevage – natural and pure and compelling.

Hope we will be sending back some positive news about new discoveries over the coming week …

NIR. 17 March 2012

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