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Seeing the Ferrando brothers in this photo reminds me of the first visit I made to Carema back in January 1980. In the company of a roguish Neapolitan, I met Luigi Ferrando, father of Roberto and Andrea (seen in this photo) on a damp, overcast day. We met in the small city of Ivrea, home to the Olivetti dynasty, a family noted for its well-conceived approach to urban life, creating over the years a “company town” generous in its living standards and cultural and sporting accoutrements. From Ivrea, we made the short drive to the village of Carema, the namesake of the last outpost of Nebbiolo in Piedmont before traversing the frontier with the Valle d’Aosta where Nebbiolo does not thrive. The magnificence of Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco, the highest peak in the Alps, dominates the steeply terraced vineyards of Carema where the noble Nebbiolo renders a wine of supreme elegance and complexity. From that first visit to my most recent passage, forty plus years of multiple stays on these hallowed hills, the spirits of this mountain range and the vast valley through which the Dora Baltea river cuts its sometimes icy path, have played their haunting games in my mind. In this time of uncertainty, it is good to have this rock to lean on.

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