Jacques Carillon

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IMG00078-20110926-14151So, a new era begins! After 30 consecutive vintages working with Louis Carillon and his two sons, the domaine has been divided between Jacques and Francois. The 2010 vintage will be the first for us working with Jacques solely (and exclusively for the USA). Today, Jacques and I tasted through the entire range** of his 5.5 hectare domaine and I am ecstatic to report that he offers us a smooth and satisfying transition, maintaining in impeccable form the great style set by Louis.

**When we release the 2010s next yearn there will be: Mercurey 1er Cru “Champs Martin”, Chassagne 1er Cru “Macherelles”, Puligny, Puligny 1er Cru “Champs Canet”, Puligny 1er Cru “Perrieres”, Puligny 1er Cru “Referts”, Bienvenues Batard Montrachet Grand Cru.



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