Last-Minute Buys for Thanksgiving Wines

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Thanksgiving is just about here. Preparations are well underway, everything seems to be in order, except … we forgot about the wine.

This is not a drill.

Whether Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other outsized entertainment situation, it is entirely possible that crucial but peripheral elements to the feast are lost in the organizational shuffle, despite your best efforts at precise planning.

“I’m bringing the wine? I thought you were bringing the wine!”

As crises go, this is a minor one, easily remedied. Many wine shops are open Thanksgiving morning (perhaps the owners understand how the holiday mind works). And if your particular merchant is taking the day off, supermarkets can do in a pinch, if state liquor laws allow it.

The last minute is not the time to agonize over finding specific recommendations, esoteric selections or finely calibrated food-and-wine combinations. It is the moment to make the best of it, while minimizing the distress. Here are some quick possible solutions.

The Mâcon is the white equivalent of Beaujolais. You will need to have whites as well as reds. For Thanksgiving, the best last-minute, all-purpose whites are from the Mâconnais region, which, like Beaujolais, is on the periphery of Burgundy.

As with Beaujolais, the Mâconnais offers a simple hierarchy, from the modest Mâcon to the slightly more elevated Mâcon-Villages, which might also have the name of a specific village appended, like Mâcon-Lugny, or a combination of villages, like Viré-Clessé, to the top appellations, like St.-Véran or Pouilly-Fuissé.

Some top names among small producers include La Soufrandière (and its négociant arm, Bret Brothers), Domaine Cheveau, Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon and Julien Guillot.

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