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On Monday evening, June 26, 2017, the New York-based RWM team gathered at the Westlight in Brooklyn to honor our long-time colleague, Paul-Pierre Compere. Paul has decided to retire on June 30th after twenty-three years of rendering impeccable service to us and to our clients. The party, as you can see from the accompanying slide show, was a joyous affair but, in the background, a shadow of sadness cast a haze over the brilliant early evening sun descending over our home town of New York City. Losing Paul is like having an important branch torn from a tree. The tree still stands, the roots strong and deep, but it needs time to recover its form and all of its power after the loss.

Paul is a true gentlemen, carrying himself with dignity at all times. His loyalty and reliability are legend; his intelligence and diligence of the highest order. He has set a particularly high standard for those who have worked beside him and for those who will follow. How lovely it was on Monday evening to share our love and respect for Paul with his wife and daughter. We have been blessed to have such a long, close and productive relationship with Paul and his family … we are all the better for it.