Northern Rhone Part II

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Neal’s update on our Northern Rhone producers continues with Domaine Lionnett and Etienne Becheras:

Ludovic Izerable of Domaine Lionnet
Ludovic Izerable of Domaine Lionnet

September 20, 2013

“The Domaine Lionnet is really coming into its own. Ludovic is finding his stride. My notes are replete with praise. There is no doubt that 2012 will be a top vintage here and, interestingly and somewhat in contrast to Guillaume Gilles’s experience, the 2011 will be even more concentrated than the ’12!

Harvest levels were 34 hl per hectare in ’12 but only 30 hl per hectare in ’11. Ludovic and his wife, Corinne, have added some vineyards to the domaine over the past several years both in Cornas and St. Joseph and those parcels will come into production in the 2014 vintage. The domaine is now 3.6 hectares.

Lunch in the Becheras Cave
Lunch in the Becheras Cave

Etienne Becheras is a grower and domaine that fit perfectly into our portfolio – a fine addition! Etienne is a pleasure to work with – honest, generous, talented and committed. His ’12s are gorgeous – rich, rustic and true to type. The ’11s are a touch more flattering in their youth. It appears to me that every time these wines are in a tasting, the response is dramatically favorable.

More commentary to follow…”


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