We are thrilled to begin our journey into Austria with four growers who we feel wonderfully represent the scope and breadth of Austria’s winegrowing culture. From the Stadlmann family, tending the vine in the northern Thermenregion since the late 1700s, to the pioneering Anita and Hans Nittnaus and their spellbinding northern-Burgenland wines, to the fastidious Neumeister clan in the Vulkanland sector of Styria, to young Josef Fischer and his scintillatingly mineral-driven Wachau wines from the southern banks of the Danube, these are wines which pulse with life and glow with a sense of place.

It was through our longtime friend Monika Caha, in fact, that we were able to meet these four growers whose wines, approaches, and personalities resonated so deeply with us. A Vienna native and the former chef-proprietor of Kaffeehaus in Chelsea in the 1990s—among the first restaurants in the United States to spotlight high-end Austrian wines—Monika began her business in the early 2000s after the events of September 11th interrupted her plans to open a new restaurant in New York City. Over the ensuing years, she and her longtime partner Toni Silver have built a small but diverse network of outstanding Austrian producers and helped them find clients abroad. Happily, Monika’s aesthetics and ethos align closely with our own: while nearly all the growers she represents are either practicing or certified organic, and a handful are comfortably categorized as “natural,” she, like us, eschews dogmatism, seeking characterful wines that satisfy the senses and ignite the imagination.

This is a thrilling new phase for all of us at Rosenthal Wine Merchant, and we greatly look forward to introducing you to the treasures we have found on this new, yet also deeply familiar, path.