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Cave du Vieux-Moulin

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Romain took the reins from his parents Odette and Leon in 1986, marking the domaine’s third generation of stewardship under the Papilloud name. Aided by his wife, Gladys, and Vincent, their son, Romain cultivates four hectares of vines, with the majority located in Vétroz, supplemented with smaller holdings in the neighboring villages of Conthey and Ardon, all centered in the heart of the Valais. The steep slopes of the vineyards require intense manual labor throughout the growing season and through the harvest, which fits in nicely with the minimal-intervention approach to the entire production at the estate.

A wide range of wines are produced from these relatively modest vineyard holdings, which Romain categorizes into four headings: Tradition (most of the wines belong to this group), Grands Crus, Reserve and Saveurs Nobles. We currently offer a selection of Tradition and Grands Crus, as these typify the varietals and terroir of the region with the most fidelity.

Papilloud_Fendant Fendant Amandoleyre Grand Cru: Fendant, also known as Chasselas, is grown high up on the slopes of the Alps and produces a refreshing wine of fine structure with a stony minerality. The Amandoleyre vineyard takes its name from the almond trees that were once planted here. The wine from this prime site within Vétroz is declared a “Grand Cru”.
Papilloud_Petite-Arvine Petite Arvine de Vétroz: One of the most ancient grapes of the Valais, Petite Arvine brings more powerful citrus notes on the nose and finishes with a hint of salinity. It gives birth to a long-lived wine of great concentration.
Papilloud_Cornalin Amigne de Vétroz Grand Cru: The Amigne grape was introduced to Vétroz by the Romans some 2000 years ago; the viilage of Vétroz now accounts for 90% of all production of this obscure varietal. While the sturdy grape can produce wines anywhere from bone-dry to very sweet, depending on weather, location and length of time on the vine, Papilloud prefers to vinify his wine dry, with notes of honey integrated into a substantial structure that even carries some tannin.
Papilloud-Cornalin Cornalin de Vétroz Cornalin: was the first red grape planted in the Valais region and is characterized by power and elegance, with dark fruit and deep purple color, a wine that asks to be paired with meats and Alpine cheeses.
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Aging white wine in the fridge

Our people are cranking out some very fine wines! We drank again today three wines that have been sitting in our fridge OPEN since John Paine showed them to his New Orleans clients a couple of weeks ago.

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A Mountain Red

The exuberant reds from our growers in the Valais scream out their mountain heritage. Drinking the 2011 Cornalin from Romain Papilloud tonight makes the point brilliantly. A wine of vibrant, deep color, its bouquet brings the Alpine atmosphere directly to the table like a fresh, cool breeze rustling through the low bushes of berry and