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Buenos días to all at Rosenthal Wine Merchant,

recaredo artisanal excellenceI hope you are all doing great in the U.S.

Here winter is extremely mild with temperatures not lower than 50F and dry. This is particularly challenging as we have been almost 80 days without any rain, so we are looking forward to some rain for a good and productive season.

Just wanted to forward you with technical sheet of new vintages coming up on next shipment.

Miranius is 2014: We finally have brought down the amount of Macabeu used ( 9% compared to 14%) with the intention of even more mineral focus , brighter and even cleaner wine. This wine is fully Demeter certified but due to differences on European and US laws, decided not to put it on the back of the label for the bottles shipped to you. The vintage, as you can see on the pdf file, was of great quality and fine elegance, but extremely low yiled.

Relats 2011: It will arrive to you with 43 months ageing instead of the 36 that 2010 was released. We decided to do so to make it rounder and closer to Terrers style. I send you information in English of the vintage, but just note that was dry and warm, which in our opinion makes it rounder and intense compared to 2010. Our Yield had to be half of what the AOC Cava allows in order to have proper acidity and balance in the wine to make it Non-dosé and age it very long. Already 6 years carrying-our Biodynamic practices. Same as Miranius, is Demeter certified but not in the US.

recaredo time of reposeIntens Rosé 2011: First vintage where we introduce Grenache noir ( Garnatxa Negra) on the blend. Pinot, Mouvedre (Monastrell) and Garnatxa. For a couple of harvest the three are going to be together, then we will move to just Mouvedre and Garnatxa. This is because we would like to focuse exclusively in local Mediterranean grapes. As much as we like Pinot, and we must say that performs well in the region, with our attitude and approach to purity and authenticity, having Garnatxa could lead us to a very similar style of Rosé but with a 100% Mediterranean DNA. The Vintage as previously stated in Relats, makes Intens 2011 very similar to 2010 that you had. Round, mellow, fruity and with character. Stands-out for the elegance and its structure.

MAGNUMS TERRERS 2009: Terrers is moving to 2009. We left 2008 with almost 72 months ageing on the lees, and Terrers 09 picks up with 65 months. Find enclosed the vintage information. Very similar to 2011, where yield was very low, warm and dry but by harvesting early we allowed to have great acidity and very balanced base wine. It is the first vintage all our vineyards where fully Biodynamic, but at that time we did not certified by DEMETER. Until 2010 we did not decided to get the certification. Terrers 2009 is not as rich as 2008, but similar on elegance and focus. It comes across as very pure, long and mineral. More I believe than 08.

On the other hand, I am glad to inform you that we recently joined La Reinassance des Appellations , where a good bunch of farmers and producers from France, Italy, Spain, Germany among other countries share the sensitivity towards natural farming practices in the vineyard and wine production approach towards not interference and non o very little corrections on the making of the wines.
The last but not the least, We have a new member of the team, Arnau, who is a Vet and specialized in handling horses and working with them. He has joined us in order to work with the two horses that we have, to look after them and help us ploughing some of our vineyards.

recaredo artisans of the landWe are now 30 people in the tema + 2 horses!!!!

As said, let me know if I can be of further help with your continuous support and spreading out the word of Recaredo to friends and clients.

Salut to all,

Alex Bautista

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