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La Manarine 2016 Rosé

This afternoon we enjoyed the delicious 2016 Cotes du Rhone Rosé with the always friendly Gilles Gasq.  He describes the 2016 vintage as powerful with great balance and finesse.  Compared to the equally strong 2015 vintage, the 16’s for him have a greater balancing acidity which delivers a dynamic freshness. The 2016 Rose is 50%

Chateau Pradeaux 2016 Rosé Report

Our visit on the last day of the trip with Etienne Portalis—the 14th successive generation at Chateau Pradeaux in Bandol—was uplifting and encouraging. Etienne is a smart, humorous young guy who clearly understands the uniquely old-school position Pradeaux holds within an appellation that has been modernizing and softening itself up over the past decade or

Chateau Simone Rosé Wrap-up

As befits such a singular estate, Chateau Simone’s Palette Rosé transcends the category itself. Whereas, nearly every other rosé entering the market this upcoming season is from the just-harvested 2016 growing season, we will be premiering Simone’s 2015. And those who know the wine know that it can age and improve effortlessly for a decade

Chateau Peyrassol 2016 Rosé Report

There was no better end to our rosé tour than a visit to the bucolic hills of Provence to visit with our most significant provider of rose, Chateau Peyrassol. Our relationship started in 1981, when Neal first visited Francoise Rigord and purchased the first rosé in the Rosenthal Wine Merchant portfolio. Peyrassol has evolved over

Domaine du Bagnol 2016 Cassis Rosé

We had an amazing afternoon by the sea in the stunning village of Cassis to taste the 2016 vintage rosé and grab a quick lunch with the Genovesi family. It was the perfect setting to take our first look at the Domaine du Bagnol 2016 Cassis Rosé.  Jean-Louis describes the 2016 vintage to be very

Bastide du Claux Rosé Wrap-up

In 2002, then-28 year old Sylvain Morey branched out from his native Chassagne-Montrachet to found Bastide du Claux–in (of all places) the Luberon, in the rugged hills of northern Provence. Sylvain has an intimate understanding of the terroirs of his place of origin (as the wines from his newly founded Domaine Sylvain Morey in Chassagne-Montrachet

Domaine du Gour de Chaulé Rosé Wrap-up

One would never expect such a racy, nuanced, vibrant rosé to come from such a warm and rugged appellation as Gigondas–then again, Domaine du Gour de Chaulé is not your average Southern Rhône estate. Run today by the searching, intelligent Stephanie Fumoso, Gour de Chaulé produces a Gigondas Rouge almost shocking in its spicy complexity

Chateau Valcombe 2016 Rosé

We just finished up a phenomenal tasting with Luc Guenard of Chateau Valcombe and we’re heading south to the Luberon.  Luc is doing incredible work at the domaine, making wines with great personality and energy — without a doubt some of the best values in our portfolio. The 2016 Chateau Valcombe Rosé “Epicure” is outstanding. 

Fenouillet Ventoux Rosé

Happy Valentine’s Day from Beaumes de Venise–a fitting day to bring you news of the first of four rosés we will be tasting today. Wearing a pale salmon color, the Domaine de Fenouillet 2016 Ventoux Rosé is vibrant and balanced compared to the richer rosés you often find in the Southern Rhone.  It is a

Mas Jullien Rosé Wrap-up

Olivier Jullien‘s rosé, from the craggy high-altitude vineyards of the Terrasses du Larzac, sits alongside Chateau Pradeaux and Chateau Simone in that very slim category of rosés that improve and develop with a few years of bottle age. Whereas, saignée rosés sometimes suffer from heaviness and unnecessary fruit weight, Olivier’s offers the same fresh, lifted

2016 Mas Cal Demoura Rosé

2016 looks to be a promising vintage for Mas Cal Demoura.   The dry weather during July and August stressed the vines so as to produce low yields (22 HL per hectare) but, as a result of relatively cold nights in July and the strength of the vines due to the hard work of Isabelle and

Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie rosé

On this cold, rainy day in Douzens, we  enjoyed the 2016 Faillenc Sainte Marie Rosé des Glacières, partially thanks to the fire that the Gibert family had going to keep things warm. This rose is always 100% Syrah, made in the saignée method, from a 2-hectare parcel that is always picked early (in this instance

La Rame rosé wrap-up

Although Chateau La Rame is most renowned for its impeccable botrytized sweet wines (arguably the greatest producer in the appellation of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont), they produce dry wines of terrific balance and outstanding value. Their 2016 Bordeaux Rosé is a trace lighter in color than previous vintages–more a shimmering silvery salmon than a bright pink. Produced from

Chateau de l’Eperonnière rosé wrap-up

Mathieu Tijou’s Chateau de l’Eperonnière Rosé de Loire this vintage is–well–PINK… Not salmon, not copper, not silvery, but the pure Platonic ideal of pink. Mathieu explained to us that he presses the grapes under a blanket of inert gas in order to prevent any trace of oxidation and to preserve that electric hue. Primarily Cabernet


The  Bourgueil Rosé, as always, is 100% Cabernet Franc, produced via equal parts direct press and saignée.  In 2016, James Petit suffered shocking losses due to the severe April frost.  Production is down about 85%, but fortunately he was able to reserve roughly the same amount of rosé for us that we typically receive (the

Chateau Soucherie Rosé Wrap-up

The first thing that struck us about Chateau Soucherie’s 2016 Rosé de Loire was its color: incredibly delicate and pale, hinting at a wine of total lightness and elegance. Indeed, Soucherie typically produces one of our most racy, evanescent rosés, and 2016 is no exception. Made from 90% Cabernet Franc and 10% Gamay from a

Philippe Gilbert, Menetou-Salon – a nice start to the journey today

We left our afternoon visit with Philippe Gilbert marveling at how far he has come as a vigneron. In the late 1990s, Philippe left a promising career as a dramaturge to take over his father’s estate when he was on the brink of retirement. Philippe  gradually converted to biodynamic viticulture (certified in 2013), eschewed the

Crochet rosé wrap-up

We started the day bright and early in Crochet‘s teeth-chatteringly frigid cellar, but the dense, electric 2016 Sancerre Rosé quickly snapped us to attention. Long a standout in our stable of classic rosés, this 2016 is shaping up to be among the finest vintages we’ve yet encountered. Gilles produces this wine from younger Pinot Noir

Dinner chez Crochet

Some photos at the dining table of Gilles, Laurence and Esther Crochet. Pot au feu, root vegetables, goat cheeses of different ages and lots of Sancerre Rouge 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2012 Prestige, 2009 Prestige, 1997 Prestige. NIR

Guy Larmandier

Today, in Vertus on the Cote des Blancs, we visited with Francois Larmandier of Champagne Guy Larmandier. The current release of his Vertus Brut Rose 1er Cru is from the 2013 harvest with a dosage of 6 grams for the USA, essentially the same cuvée as the Vertus Brut but with the addition of 10%

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Champagne Roger Coulon

As a preliminary to the field reports on the 2016 Roses which are now in the process of being bottled , we are sending along comments on the duet of Roses produced by our two Champagne growers. Here is the newest cuvée of “Roselie” from Champagne Roger Coulon with the next generation of the family,

Rosé Report from the Field:

My colleagues, Jeremy Sells, Clarke Boehling and Neil Rosen, will be on the road in France between February 6th and February 15th for the primary purpose of doing a final tasting of the 2016 Rosés from almost every one of our suppliers immediately prior to shipment to the USA.  They will be providing notes from

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