Introducing The Côtes de Duras

Situated 40 miles due east of the city of Bordeaux, the Côtes de Duras is something of an in-between appellation: closely aligned with Bordeaux in its dominant grape varieties and general soil composition, its steeper slopes and more extreme seasons are reminiscent of zones in the Sud-Ouest (South-West France) further south and closer to the Pyrenees. Read More

These wines are as irresistibly pure as they come.

Burgundy has always been at the heart of Rosenthal Wine Merchant’s identity. Over our 45 years of existence, we have witnessed seismic shifts in the market, as blue-chip wines that may have merely strained the wallet a few decades ago are today practically inaccessible to all but a miniscule and uber-wealthy few. Read More

Uncharted territory for Rosenthal Wine Merchant

Although it is historically less respected than its neighbors to the north, the Aube has seen its winegrowing reputation surge over the past decade or so as an ascendent generation of producers coaxes increasingly expressive Champagnes from its Kimmeridgian soils. Read More

The wines of Chateau des Graviers are always poised, harmonious, and deeply evocative

There is truly no Bordeaux like Margaux, and to find a grower in this special appellation whose sensibilities align with our own is no easy task. We were overjoyed, then, to encounter Christophe Landry’s Château des Graviers, in the commune of Arsac. Read More

A commitment to sustainability

La Raia encompasses 180 hectares in Gavi, in the rolling hills of Piedmont’s southeast, with 48 hectares planted to grapevines and the remainder devoted to pastures and to woodlands of chestnut, elder, and acacia which teem with wildlife. Read More

Proud to embrace the vanguard of this stunning area’s renaissance

Looming threateningly over the Gulf of Naples in Campania, Mount Vesuvius (or Vesuvio) is the only active volcano in continental Europe, and its immediate surroundings comprise the most densely populated volcanic region in the world, with over 600,000 people living within Vesuvio’s danger zone. Read More

New Releases from Josef Fischer

Our launch earlier this year of Josef “Joe” Fischer’s ebullient wines from the Danube’s southern banks met with immediate success, and we are thrilled to expand our work with this up-and-coming Wachau superstar this fall. 
Read More

New Releases from Ficomontanino

Within Tuscany’s relatively conservative winegrowing culture, Maria Sole Gianelli’s wines are a breath of fresh air. Maria Sole’s farm is called Ficomontanino (roughly, “Little Fig Mountain”), a property her grandfather acquired in the 1960’s
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A Northern Rhône Quartet

Domaine Levet in Côte-Rôtie has been a cornerstone of our portfolio since the 1983 vintage—the first they ever produced. Bernard and Nicole Levet started their domaine with three and a half hectares of enviable holdings around Ampuis, passed down through Nicole’s father Marius Chambeyron…Read More

Mountainous, Magical, Microscopic New Releases from Nadir Cuneaz

We at Rosenthal Wine Merchant have always relished working with small producers, and we have grown our portfolio over the years by continuing to forge alliances with people who work their land on an intimate, human scale. Read More

The 2017 Vintage at Domaine Georges Lignier

Domaine Georges Lignier possesses among the more astonishing collections of vineyards in the Côte de Nuits, but it wasn’t until young Benoit Stehly—Georges’ nephew—took the reins in 2010 that the wines began to fully articulate the greatness of their terroirs. Read More

A Spotlight on Domaine Lionnet

The Lionnet family has been farming in Cornas since 1575, and the five-hectare domaine today comprises an impressive array of very old vines in some of the area’s greatest sites. In 2003, Corinne Lionnet and her husband Ludovic Izerable—originally from Grenoble—assumed control of the family holdings…Read More

by Clarke Boehling

An Evening with Xavier Gérard

It was a real treat to have our friend Xavier Gérard in NYC for a few days this past week. The overarching reason for Xavier’s trip was a dinner in his honor, hosted by the Commanderie des Costes du Rhône,  READ MORE

by Clarke Boehling

Twenty years ago, no one could have predicted the Jura’s current popularity. When Rosenthal Wine Merchant first introduced the now-legendary wines of Jacques Puffeney to the American market in the mid-1990s ...READ MORE