A Farmer’s Dozen From Bordeaux

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These 12 wines, made by vignerons and not grand estates, are classically refreshing and altogether inviting. The POUR By Eric Asimov Published March 31, 2022 Updated April 1, 2022 Sales of Bordeaux in the United States took off last year, rising by 24 percent in volume, according to the Bordeaux Wine Council, a trade group.

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by Clarke Boehling An Evening with Xavier Gérard It was a real treat to have our friend Xavier Gérard in NYC for a few days this past week. The overarching reason for Xavier’s trip was a dinner in his honor, hosted by the Commanderie des Costes du Rhône,  READ MORE by Clarke Boehling Twenty years

Chateau Auney l’Hermitage

Over the years, we have had the good fortune to work with some of the best (and, unfortunately, some of the last) small-scale grower-producers in Bordeaux. Our newest addition to this cadre of high caliber growers is Chateau Auney l’Hermitage, representing the region of Graves.
Wines:AOC Graves Blanc, AOC Graves Blanc “Cuvee Cana”, AOC Graves Rouge, AOC Graves Rouge “Cuvee Cana”, Chateau Auney l’Hermitage

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The Mad Rose Group is a family-run organization that is composed of a close-knit group of people who understand that wine is an agricultural product and that in its best and purest form wine must reflect a specific sense of place. We share the goal of communicating this concept to a growing audience by presenting

Graves Sauternes Barsac

https://youtu.be/lSHYfUuJsT0 Chateau Auney l’Hermitage Chateau La Rame Cru d’Arche Pugneau Château de Fargues


France We fell in love with France a long, long time ago…well before our immersion in wine. Reading Stendahl, Flaubert and Montaigne or Camus, Sartre and Beckett (yes, an Irishman but writing in French), one encounters the human condition, each man’s struggle to make something of value out of one’s brief existential moment. Great French