In Pomerol, Wines of Grandeur From Modest Estates

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excerpt from: THE POUR By Eric Asimov Feb. 26, 2018 POMEROL, France — The word Bordeaux connotes magnificent chateaus, aristocratic (or at least wealthy or corporate) landowners and wines that occasionally live up to their pretensions. But in the vine-covered countryside surrounding this sleepy village, where the tiniest undulation of the land constitutes a hill,

Clos Saint-Andre

One of the smallest estates in Pomerol at just under a hectare in size, Clos Saint-Andre is truly a one-man show, run by Jean-Claude Desmarty. The first vines were planted in 1923 by Jean-Claude’s great-grandmother, Alice Desmarty, as part of a polycultural approach that included several vegetable plantings and she sold her wines to local merchants.
Wines: Clos Saint-Andre Pomerol