Chateau de l’Eperonnière rosé wrap-up

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Mathieu Tijou’s Chateau de l’Eperonnière Rosé de Loire this vintage is–well–PINK… Not salmon, not copper, not silvery, but the pure Platonic ideal of pink. Mathieu explained to us that he presses the grapes under a blanket of inert gas in order to prevent any trace of oxidation and to preserve that electric hue. Primarily Cabernet

Chateau de l’Eperonniere

A few years ago, the Tijou family, proprietaires for several generations of the Chateau Soucherie in Beaufort-sur-Layon, decided to sell their property and effectively exchange the larger domaine of Soucherie for the smaller estate just down the road, Chateau de l’Eperonniere, which was also in the family for many generations.
Wines: Rosé de Loire, Savennieres “Croix Picot”, Château de L’Eperonnière Crémant de Loire

Chateau Soucherie

The Chateau Soucherie may be the most physically beautiful property of all the domaines with which we work. The house itself is a unique architectural gem that sits on a rise overlooking the vineyards that snake down towards the Layon river.
Wines: Anjou Blanc “Cuvée Les Rangs de Longue”, Anjou Rouge Village “Champs Aux Loups”, Coteaux du Layon, Coteaux du Layon “Chaume”, Coteaux du Layon “Vieilles Vignes”, Rosé de Loire, Savennieres “Clos des Perrieres”