The full range with the Rougiers

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I had the good fortune to taste the full range with the Rougiers in Chicago in November (including from my cellar, 2000, 1999, 1969 and 1961 white and 2000 and 1961 red).

Recall what the Rougiers said, that for the first five years in bottle their wines are on the fruit; for the next five they can be awkward, then after ten they emerge where they need to be, so drink within five years or not before ten. In my experience the wines have not tracked exactly this way, but it is a good guide. As for the character of each vintage, they assert that there is a certain consistency from year to year owing to the northern exposure of the vineyards (in particular, avoiding the “burn” of hot vintages) and the profound age of the vines (weathering periods of drought). That being said, the wines we have in stock do show vintage variation.

2008 –A Bandol-like nose with animale notes starting to emerge; more Bordeaux-like in its mid-weight structure; decent freshness.
2009 – more southern Rhone character to the fruit (Grenache-y) with the heat of the vintage showing but not lacking floral tones; more structure and firmer tannins than the ‘08; tight on the finish right now, so decant for at least a couple hours.
2010 – rounder; drink before the ’09; plenty of savory garrigue.
2011 – a vintage of heat so more concentration, material and alcohol but very young; firm in the mouth with pine and gritty tannins; requires cellaring.

And if you have 2007 or older, drink now!

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