The Greatest Impact Of Climate Change On The Wine Sector

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The frost damage of this past week that affected large swaths of the European vineyards has become depressingly familiar as a storyline. Although there is much discussion of the frequently excessively hot summers that have occurred in Europe, the greatest impact of climate change on the wine sector is the mild nature of the winter months. Snow and its accompanying cold weather is occurring less often and for less prolonged periods. The result is early activity in the vine which leads to precocious budbreak and flowering followed by the inevitable brief, but highly damaging, frost incident. This series of events compromises the output of the vine. This is the sad tale of many recent vintages and there is little one can do to protect the incipient fruit on the vine.

We won’t know the precise impact of the recent frost on production for several weeks but we can state unequivocally that harvest levels will be reduced in 2021.


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