The Love Affair with the Jura Continues

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Join Us At: Closerie Les Capucines

7 rue de Bourgogne F39600 ARBOIS
Tél : 33 (0)3 84 66 17 38
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Mobile : 33 (0)6 50 83 26 00
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We are pleased to announce that, as of 31 May 2018, we have acquired “Closerie les Capucines”. This exceptional property, situated in the heart of the village of Arbois in the Jura district of France, built of stone in the 17th century for use as a convent, recently renovated with exquisite taste for operation as a “chambre d’hôtes” (or in our lingo, a “B&B”), will continue to function as a very special venue for lodging guests under our ownership.

The director of operations is Elise Foléat, wife of Emeric Foléat, the two being joint proprietors of “Les Matheny”, our newest source for fine wine from the Jura. The Foléat family is now living in the private residential part of Closerie les Capucines in order to be present at all times to service the clientele of the hotel.

When I first visited the Jura 25 years or so ago, it felt like I had stumbled into a stage set for Tolkien’s Hobbit trilogy. The rolling hills, the charming small villages placed a few kilometers apart one from the other, the very green pastures dotted with cows grazing, the vineyards set into rugged hillsides, the total lack of pretension, the deep vaulted cellars filled with old barrels cosseting the peculiar (and quite spectacular) Vin Jaune, a world quite apart from the hustle of the more prestigious neighborhood of the Cote d’Or a mere 75 minutes distance. I fell instantly in love with this region and its inhabitants, both blessed with an environment that sets the conditions for producing aged Comté cheese and wines of the singular trio of grapes known as Savagnin, Trousseau and Ploussard.

A decade or so ago, my dear friend, Jacques Puffeney, introduced me to Closerie Les Capucines as a more intimate option for staying the night. Set in the village of Arbois, mere steps from the 2-star Michelin restaurant of Maison Jeunet and a couple of kilometers from Montigny-les-Arsures where Puffeney and his neighbor, Michel Gahier, have their homes and cellars, it was an ideal place in which to settle for the few days it took to make our pilgrimage to our producers in the Jura. From there we sallied forth to make the acquaintance of Mickael Crinquand in Pupillin, Joseph Dorbon in Vadans and Elise and Emeric Foléat in Matheny, all villages within ten minutes or so of Arbois, the sweet spot for producing wines of great character and class.

When Patricia Chatelain, the proprietor of Closerie les Capucines, informed me about 18 months ago that she was planning to sell and move back to Strasbourg, it struck me that perhaps the moment had arrived to put our own roots down in this corner of the wine world while preserving our access to this jewel of a property. This has now become a reality and we are already up-and-running as a quite proper B&B.

We are ready to welcome everyone to our new home. Please visit the website, the coordinates of which are noted under the heading of this release. As well, you can call the hotel directly to speak with Elise or even reach out to me:

It will be our distinct pleasure and honor to receive you and to introduce you to the very real pleasures of the Jura, providing luxury accommodations at reasonable cost, access to a bevy of exceptional growers, and much more, including cultural events, special dining experiences and we are only a short drive both from the Cote d’Or and the sophisticated city of Geneva in Switzerland.

Neal I. Rosenthal and Kerry Madigan
Propriétaires, Closerie les Capucines

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