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Domaine du Gour de Chaulé
Aline Bonfils, proprietaire w. Neal Rosenthal

It was rewarding to discover the favorable comments in Eric Asimov’s reflections on Gigondas in this week’s NY Times “Dining” section.  The notes about our Domaine du Gour de Chaulé highlight our taste profile, that is our preference for wines of balance, grace and complexity over the mere show of force that often is the only feature of the wines of the south of France.  Although the Gour de Chaulé Gigondas is rendered almost exclusively from Grenache (90% plus), it does not suffer from the high alcohol and heat that Asimov cites as a frequent and unpleasant companion to Grenache-based wines.  Had he had the opportunity to taste the older versions of Gour de Chaulé that we have tucked into our cellar, the point would have been made with an even more startling clarity.  We have had many experiences over the years drinking with glee Gigondas from Gour de Chaulé that was still in its prime fifteen and twenty years after its harvest date.

NIR … 14 Feb 2012

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