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A week spent in the Cote d’Or, the Jura and Alsace ….

There is plenty of good news to share about the wine scene in Burgundy. We are about to tackle three very strong vintages in Burgundy: ’08, ’09 and ’10. The first and last are marked by vibrant, fresh, pure wines with clear expression of terroir; the ’09 is the most concentrated and obviously most immediately impressive of this trio.

My current plan is to ship a mix of both the ’08 and ’09 vintages from those growers whose ’08s have not yet been touched so we don’t miss the market momentum for the more heralded ’09 vintage. Further, I think we will marry a grower from the Cote de Nuits with a grower from the Cote de Beaune in each of the first six months of the year. In this way, no grower will be presented in isolation and the more renowned will perhaps bring attention to its “partner” estate.

In the Jura, we have some very exciting wines on the horizon, including two whites from Gahier that are particularly intriguing. There will nbe a new and more joyous label for next year’s Cremant du Jura from Montbourgeau. The only unpleasant news is that Jacques Puffeney fell from a ladder Friday morning, the day of my visit; he separated his shoulder and was in the hospital so we didn’t manage to taste his wines.

In Alsace, there was a very tiny crop in 2010 so there will be miniscule wines from certain appellations. We will ship a few things from Schoech immediately so they don’t disappear. We already had blocked certain wines from prior vintages from Bechtold so those will also ship for November arrival. Details will follow shortly.

I am also considering a sharp departure from our annual travel program in the late winter. We will discuss what I believe will be an exciting and challenging program for everyone during this coming week.

We have experienced a strong first three quarters of 2011 despite difficult economic and political conditions. Let’s “bring it home” for the final quarter. Thanks to all of you!

Attached are a couple of photos from Alsace.




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