Your Next Lesson: Value Bordeaux

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For our next topic, let’s return to what may now be familiar ground, Bordeaux.

Previously, we’ve looked at two very different appellations within Bordeaux, Haut-Médoc and Pomerol. This time, the topic will be defined by value rather than place.

The dominant image of Bordeaux is one of imposing chateaus, patrician proprietors and stratospheric prices. As far as the most famous properties go, in the best-known regions, that image holds a lot of truth, though most of the patricians are now corporate executives.

Château Moulin de Tricot Haut-Médoc 2013 (Rosenthal Wine Merchant, New York) $28

Château le Puy Côte de Bordeaux 2013 (Rosenthal Wine Merchant) $42


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